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A Brief History of Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special day, in various countries around the world, to celebrate mothers and their influence on society. In the United Kingdom, it is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In the united States, Australia and here in New Zealand it is marked on the second Sunday of May.

The celebrations of motherhood date back to ancient Rome and Greece. The goddesses Cybele and Rhea were honoured on this day in ancient history but today’s Mother’s Day celebrations are more recently linked to a Christian festival called Mothering Sunday. 

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday was originally a UK festival where people honoured their mother churches. They would return to the church they attended or were baptised as children. It was also on this day that domestic servants were granted a day off to visit their mother churches with their family members.

Anna Jarvis campaigned for the recognition of Mother’s Day in the United States, and after the day was declared a US official holiday in 1914, Mothering Sunday in the UK lost much of its religious connotations.

Mother’s Day

In later years, the United Kingdom and scores of other countries around the world took on aspects of the US Mother’s Day as their own. In fact, most countries including New Zealand celebrate have the celebrations on the same day as the United States; the second Sunday of May.

In Europe, the UK and Ireland have retained Mother’s Day on the same day Mothering Sunday was celebrated; the fourth Sunday in Lent. The festival has dropped much of its original intention and has adopted Mother’s Day practices from the United States.

Other countries not observing Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May or fourth Sunday in Lent have their dates ranging between January and December. France, Algeria and Sweden for example celebrate Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May. Various countries in the Middle East mark the day on 20th March.

In New Zealand, Mother’s Day is not recognised as a public holiday but families generally celebrate it by giving gifts to mothers as forms of appreciation for their roles in the family and community.

Common Gifts

Like in New Zealand, most countries have a tradition of giving gifts to mothers to show their gratitude. The gifts can be physical in form of flowers, jewellery and personalised gifts. The gifts can also be given in the form of an activity such as a paid for visit to the spa, a luxurious hotel stay or a trip to a tourist destination.

Over time, Mother’s Day gifts have evolved to take on many forms and often vary among different cultures and families. For example the people in Nepal honour mothers who have died by making a traditional pilgrimage to the Mata Tirtha ponds, located 6 km to the southwest of downtown Kathmandu.

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